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Industrial grooming of crops and highly mechanized processing of farm produce has invaded our kitchens, impacting our age-old traditions of food consumption.

We are here to bring back the declining traditional varieties of food across India without losing their nutritional content. We are striving to make these products easy to find, buy and store to help improve your everyday health bite-by-bite.

Fulfilling the requirements of a healthy diet is now easily possible at Wholesome Platter™!

Millets & Grains

Millets and Grains are the oldest food known to humans and have been consumed for several millennia.

By bringing back the authentic, nutrition-rich Millets and Grains to their rightful place in the food ecosystem, we can overcome most of the nutritional and health problems.

Cultivation of Millets works very well for Farmers as they have multiple uses such as food, fodder, and fuel.

Millets are typically the last crop standing in times of drought and they can grow in almost any climate making them a good risk management strategy for the farmers.

Get ready for the wholesome experience of the best quality Millets and Grains you have ever had.

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Our oils are extracted at the right temperatures retaining their critical nutrients and much-needed antioxidants.

Without using the conventional ways of extraction and refining processes that generate significant heat causing the breakdown of vital ingredients, we bring to you the most nutrient-rich oils that you can enjoy cooking passionately and consume in your daily meal.

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Wholesome Platter™ ensures that our flours preserve the natural flavors and nutritional ingredients from the grain.

Flours are used worldwide for making varieties of delicious food and adding to that every region has its own special flour mix.

Our way of traditional stone milling ensures that you consume all the necessary and raw elements that you deserve through the usage of authentic Millets and Grains.

Be sure to enjoy different kinds of flours with wholesome nutrients and tastes.

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Traditional Regional Specialty Flours

We also bring to you traditional and regional specialty flours. Every region has its own specialty flour mixed with local ingredients providing not only its unique taste but also nutrition based on knowledge passed through the generations.

In today's modern world where relocation to distant lands is required, these traditional and regional mixes are not always readily and conveniently available.

We are making sure that we continuously add to this segment to make these tasty and healthy mixes available to you.

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Speciality Idli/Dosa Batters

One of the important dishes consumed in South India is Idli and dosa made through fermentation and grinding rice together with pulses.

While this batter is a healthy, low fat, and engaging dish after being cooked, we bring a wholesome twist by incorporating nutrition-rich rice varieties, millets, and a combination of pulses.

With our fantastic blends and a power-packed nutrition batter using a stone-grinding process, our batters are a mouthful of flavours and the best choice for your cravings.

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Our traditional kitchen spices are made through sun-drying, iron mortar, and pestle pounding which imparts a completely unique, genuine flavouring to your neighbourhood and cultural dishes.

We are adapting the traditional way of pounding process which gives your spices a distinct texture and aroma.

With retained essential ingredients and distinctive flavours, relish this new experience of spices from Wholesome Platter™.

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Pulses are one of the most protein-rich, inexpensive superfoods which are essential in a healthy diet. With minimal processing, we provide you with these incredibly easy-to-cook and unadulterated food sources in their raw form.

We are making sure that we continuously add to our product offerings to make these tasty and healthy choices available to you.

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