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Our vision is to create an ecosystem that brings wholesome nutrition from seed to plate, thereby bringing positive changes in the way we procure, process & provide for the sake of Health, Earth & Truth.

We promise to never stop dreaming, to stay curious, to be inclusive and to uplift those around us.


Bringing the best nutritional value by ensuring ethical cultivation and processing methodologies with the guarantee of Authenticity and Reliability.

Encouraging and assisting the Farmer's Ecosystem and improving their livelihood.

Sustainability is our foremost priority, so every action we take is deeply committed to the well-being of our Mother Earth.

For Health Sake
Conscious procuring, processing & providing methods enhances our nutrition.

Our Mantra “right farm - right farmer - right produce - right cultivation - right processing” ensures that you will experience the most Hygienic, Nutritional, and Tasty products.

What we eat today - is what we are tomorrow!!

We believe in preparing your order just the right way based on traditional wisdom - slow, steady and only to the extent required, retaining the nutritional value to its maximum extent... We process only after you place your order … making sure it's fresh.

Yes! We don't sell just because it sells

We are not just another seller in the crowd. Our belief is never to compromise on your health in the name of the business. We are ready to walk the extra mile to provide you with the richness of all nutritional choices. This has been going beautifully so far.

For Earth Sake

It’s high time we must make choices for the sake of Mother Earth.

Let’s walk together to find the right sustainable harmony between convenience and consumption.

We promote -

1. Naturally sustainable crops and cultivation methods.
2. "Refuse-Reduce-Reuse-Recycle"
3. "Return-To-Refund" policy for packaging.
4. Reducing carbon footprint in our deliveries.

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Our unique “Pour-Over” delivery option eliminates the need for the packaging itself.

For Truth Sake

Do you ever find yourself thinking hard about where your food is grown and how it reaches you?

Wholesome Platter™ promises this Authenticity through Transparency and Traceability in the way we procure and process our food products until it reaches you.

Products that are free from chemical fortification and preservatives is what you deserve and that's what we provide.

Wholesome Platter™
Guiding Principles

Meet the visionaries behind Wholesome Platter™.

Together they have planted the seed of Wholesome Platter™ and have incubated their dream. There being a great balance between Girish with his expertise of two decades in agriculture and technology ventures & Rahul having two decades of diverse experience including private equity investing, strategic consulting, financial management and business operations.



Girish and Rahul are focusing on ensuring that Wholesome Platter™ drives benefit to both the Agri-grower as well as the Agri-consumer while building a sustainable ecosystem.

With a vision to go that extra mile and bring about a lasting impact on cultivation, processing methods, and delivery to the consumer.

Girish and Rahul are both headed towards accomplishing this mission with a strong mindset.